In the whole period of existence until now, the Institute was producing furniture, systematically extending the offered product range, adjusting design to the requirements of the market, at the same time improving quality through the machine park modernization, of which the present contents are:
   - 2 machine tools CNC (Holz-Herr, Biesse),
   - 3 veneering tools (Holz-Herr, Homag),
   - 2 horizontal cutting machines (Panhans, Holzma),
   - drilling machine (Biesse),
   - veneering tool and milling machine for curvilinear elements processing (Polymac),
   - metal filing tools, multi-spindle drills, milling machines, planers, etc.

Company has 2100 m2 of production area and 1000 m2 of storage area.
We provide furniture for:
   - offices, hotels, shops, pharmacies, sales rooms.

We also fulfil orders subject to individual projects.
On the company grounds there is a wholesale situated, that is selling furniture boards, kitchen tops, fittings and borders.
We also produce cardboard packings for the certain dimensions provided by customer.